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From 1988 to 2009 regular conductor with ‘Ensemble Kreative’ – countless performances of works by composers from Austria and abroad, including 70 first performances. Locations include Austria (Vienna, Graz, Salzburg, Linz, Klagenfurt …), Slovenia, Croatia, Italy, Germany etc. 

Since 2005 conductor oft the new foundet „Ensemble MusikFabrikSüd“ – besides the usual line-up of wind and strings, piano and percussion there are zither, dulcimer, harp accordion.

Broadcast of many concerts by ORF-Radio: Zeitton – Ö1


"First Meeting", 2017,
live recording, 
Chinese Cultural University Taipei


Festival Intrada in Timisoara

Duo Polaschegg& Strobl

Bruno Strobl: "ORPHNE"  -  UA

Annelie Gahl und Ferdinand Schmatz