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Born in 1949 in Klagenfurt. He lives and works in Vienna and Klagenfurt. Up to 2003 he has been a teacher in the Gymnasium of Spittal/Drau.
Study of clarinet and theory at the Conservatory of Klagenfurt – while at school and later when studying (teacher). At first private lessons of composition with Nikolaus Fheodoroff, then study of composition with Dieter Kaufmann at conservatory of Klagenfurt – diploma in 1987.
Since 1977 he has been the chairman of Carinthian part of ISCM of Austria. Within this function he organized many courses, workshops, concerts and projects with contemporary music, „EXPAN“. 1998 – 2000 artistic director of „Klangspectrum“, festival of contemporary music in Villach.
2008 - 2018 president of hte „International Society for Contemporary Music“ – Austria.
Artistic director and manager of the „ISCM World New Music Days 2013“ in Vienna.
He was the founder of the „Vokalensemble VOX NOVA“ and conductor from 1987 – 1995. Since 1988 he has been conductor of the „ENSEMBLE KREATIV“. Performances and first-performances of many pieces from Austrian and foreign composers.
2005 he foundet his new „Ensemble MusikFabrikSüd“.

Numerous performances in Austria and abroad and at festivals for contemporary music:
WMD of ISCM 1986 - Budapest, „Lange Nacht der neuen Klänge“ - Vienna, „15. Festival zeitgenössischer Musik“ – Bozen, „4. Dresdener Tage für zeitgenössische Musik“, WMD of ISCM 1997 – Seoul, „aspekte Salzburg“, „Wien modern“, „Santa Maria Nuova Festival“, „Komponistenforum Mittersill“, „26. Festival für zeitgenössische Musik 2001“ – Bozen, „Nuova Consonanza“ – Rom and many others...

2012 highly respected performances of the church-opera „Sara and Her Men“ at the festival „Carinthischer Sommer Ossiach“, and 2014 „PAW“ for Zither and chamber orchestra at the festival „Klangspuren ‚Schwaz“. 2017 highly respected performance of the opera "Hemma. Eine Weibspassion" at the festival "Carinthischer Sommer". 

CD Neuerscheinung
bei Austrian Gramphone

Bruno Strobl
Electroacoustic Music vol.2 (2020 / 2021)

"Zungenspiel" 2021,
"Mühlentänze" 2020/21
"Sägewerk" 2020 

Duo e&m am 1. Nov. 2020 
im Exploratorium Berlin 

Bruno Strobl
Elektronische Werke
- von 1987 2018

Elektronik CD

Ensemble NeuRaum
(früher MusikFabrikSüd)
Leitung: Bruno Strobl

Die Composer in Residence
2011 - 2019

Ensemble NeuRaum 

Werke von Peter Jakober, Thomas
Amann, Elisabeth Harnik,
Jean-Baptiste Marchand,
Hannes Kerschbaumer,
Lorenzo Troiani, Matthias
Kranebitter, Reinhold Schinwald,
Bruno Strobl